What is Arts.care

Arts.care is a non profit founded by Nandini Bhatt and Sahitya Suresh based in Malvern, PA. It all started after 6th grade when we wanted to hang out and paint over the summer. But once our refridgerators and walls ran out of space to hang up yet another doodle, we realized we should take a different approach. We wanted to take our passion for art and put it to a better use: charity. When it came to fundraising, we knew we wanted to donate to Shriners Hospital. We had passed by their building several times in Philadelphia and we wanted to advocate for children's health. Our efforts really jumpstarted in 2017 with making original handmade greeting cards where we started attending events to host stands to sell our cards a few times every month. Later, we also started several other art related projects to futher our efforts. This way, through doing what we love and using the help of others, we are able to help our society and inspire other kids.

Our Mission

Our mission is more than just raising money. We want to be able to impact many people. Yes, we want to donate to Shriners Hospital for childrens' health, but we also want to engage others in art for our cause. Arts.care is really about promoting art and inspiring kids to get involved in simple ways. We want others to see the value in just a doodle and also the positive outcome it can generate. With many masterpieces, from doodles to photos to digital design, we can come together to use our skills for a better purpose.

What we do

We currently have 4 projects: Cards for Care, Masks for COVID, Art Classes, and Photoshoots. Our first and longest project is Cards for Care where we create original, handmade designs to sell on greeting cards. Next, in the light of COVID-19, we started making lined cotton masks for essential workers and for sale to our community. Additionally, we began hosting virtual art classes for kids to guide them through several art pieces of various mediums. Lastly, we do photoshoots that began on porches but transitioned more to graduation shoots. As of now, we have 3 chapters at schools that also help us with these initiatives. Through these initiatives we have been raising money to continue to donate to Shriners Hospital. So far, we have passed the 10k mark and aspire to hit 50k!

Our first designs: