Projects - Cards for Care

Cards for Care Project

We started the Cards for Care project in 2016 when we had just finished 6th grade. Once we had become close friends in the year prior, we begged our parents to let us hang out more in the summer. We found that we both love art so that is exactly what we did throughout the summer. We reached a point where there was no more space to hold yet another one of our pieces - drawers, walls, and refridgerator sufraces were all filled. It was almost as if each painting was forgotten once it was finished too. With that and the storage issue, Cards for Care arose. We thought to give value to our seemingly meaningless doodles. And, we learned the importance of giving back to the community.

What We Do

We create original handmade designs to print onto cards. We then sell these cards at various community and school events. We have sold at over 50 events and have made 50+ designs. Through the tedious card selling process alone, we have raised 10k for Shriners Hospital. We are now working to receive art from the public to put onto cards. We are also contacting larger organizations to have larger card orders. Email for orders or questions!

Art Fundraiser at Home

In December of 2019, we held a fundraiser at our home. There, we held pieces of 5 different artists: Nandini Bhatt, Sahitya Suresh, Reva Bhatt, Ashka Patel, and Michelle McNulty. Sahil Desai also helped at the event. We sold original art pieces, cards, bookmarks, photo prints, and more. It total we had around 50 guests and made $1,000. We called it a huge success.

Art Night at School

In February of 2020, we held our very first Art Night with our schools chapter. We held different art stations including painting, drawing, clay, and card making for children at Shriners Hospital. We had about 10 of our members help run the event and we had around 30 elementary schoolers attend. All in all, it was a very fun and lively event and it marked an amazing beginning to hopefully an annual activity for our club.

Our Events: