Projects - Cards for Care

Cards for Care Project

When we had just finished 6th grade, we both realized we had a passion for art. Soon, we realized that we also shared a vision for impacting children’s health and welfare in a positive way. We soon founded Cards for Care, a non-profit initiative in which we create handmade designs, print them on cards, sell them at local events, and donate all of the proceeds raised to medical charities. We have donated to Shriners Hospital, The Children’s Miracle Network, the American Cancer Society, and more. Till date, we have raised close to $10,000 from Cards for Care alone.

What We Do

Through Cards for Care alone, we have raised a large part of our proceeds. We have sold our cards at 50+ events and created numerous card designs along the way. Some of the events we attend are back to school nights/ conferences at our school district, farmers markets, cultural festivals, and more. We have also created a club at our highschool and are actively involved in hosting school events, fundraisers, and engaging our club members in acts of charity. Along with this, we have expanded to other school districts and have student volunteers running chapters of our organizations at their schools.

Art Fundraiser at Home

In December of 2019, we held a fundraiser at our home. There, we held pieces of 5 different artists: Nandini Bhatt, Sahitya Suresh, Reva Bhatt, Ashka Patel, and Michelle McNulty. Sahil Desai also helped at the event. We sold original art pieces, cards, bookmarks, photo prints, and more. It total we had around 50 guests and made $1,000. We called it a huge success.

Art Night at School

In February of 2020, we held our very first Art Night with our schools chapter. We held different art stations including painting, drawing, clay, and card making for children at Shriners Hospital. We had about 10 of our members help run the event and we had around 30 elementary schoolers attend. It was a very fun and lively event and it marked an amazing beginning for our club events.

Our Events: