Projects - Photography

Photography Project

Recently, we had a new addition to the team - Anya Patel. She started our Photography project. One of her favorite hobbies is to take photos and she too wanted to use her passion for a better purpose. As her family enjoys travelling a lot, her and her dad have been able to bond over phototaking. Over the years, she has learned how to find the most picture-worthy locations and the best way to capture them, both with and without people. So when she joined, she was very excited to be able to expand her photography efforts and help others simultaneously.

Porch Photoshoots

Anya started with porch photoshoots in her neighborhood. She did these shoots for free while staying socially distanced and took optional donations. This way, she was able to get some practice in before starting her next project.

Graduation Shoots

Her first real project was taking Graduation Photos for students in many different grades. For each shoot, the money made went directly to our Shriners donation. She emphasized that because she wants to specialize in the medical field, she is glad the money is going to children's healthcare. By doing something she loves, she is helping us make a difference.

Our Shoots: