Projects - Masks for COVID

Masks for COVID Project

Although our organization is focused on children’s health, we shifted our efforts during COVID-19 because we saw how much our community was struggling. We realized that many hospitals and other members of our community were in dire need of protective material, especially our front line workers. The idea to stitch masks and donate to our community came when Nandini and Reva's mom still had to attend work during the pandemic. Reva, concerned, picked up a needle, thread, and some cotton cloth lying around to stitch up a mask. That mask prototype sparked the effort to create even more masks.


Nandini, Sahitya, and Reva began stitching masks and worked with student volunteers, Joshita and Shivika Varshney. We had a goal of making 1,000 masks. Out of those, we wanted to simply donate a portion and also sell a portion to raise money. So, we bought a sewing machine, cotton flannel lining, cotton cloth, string, and elastic. Together, after mailing and driving around to drop off orders, we sewed close to 1,000 masks and raised $2,000+ from selling them in our community. We also donated 300+ of the masks to several organizations: Nemours, Rite Aid, CHOP, the U.S. Navy, and more. We realized that many families in our area were struggling financially during COVID-19, so we decided to donate all of the proceeds to the Chester County Food Bank. Email for orders or questions!

Our masks: